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Your education has taken you far, but stops short of taking you beyond yourself. You are looking for intellectually stimulating teaching that gives you answers to things you can not so easily explain. You are looking for a study and group discussions that challenge you…that better you. Sharpen your spiritual self with SJBC At Study Ministries.


To plan, coordinate and implement Christian educational growth opportunities for the church and community in accordance with the church’s vision and mission.


Ministry Coordinator - Sis. Amber Hodges  (443-445-3723)

Assistant Ministry Coordinator - Teresa Turner-Jones  (301-788-2491)


Christian Education Ministries List

Discipleship Training Institute
Women's Bible Study
Adult Bible Study
Scholarship Award/Graduate Recognition
Vacation Bible Study
Sunday Church School
Sunday School Classes
Bible Reading Plan

Discipleship Training Institute
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Discipleship Training Institute provides practical living and Bible study courses for adults in our church & surrounding community.

Contact Persons:

Sis. Audrey Smith
(301) 873-2933

Sis. Gloria Glasper
(443) 861-5939

Bro. Milton Richardson
(410) 961-4425

Women's Bible Study

Provides opportunity for women of all ages to share life experiences as they study God's Word.

Contact Person:
Sis. Bonnie Pope

Adult Night Bible Study

Provides an opportunity for those from 20-50 to learn God's Word through study and open discussion. Facilitate spiritual growth, and close fellowship among group members.

Contact Person:
Sis. Elisa Wrenn
(301) 776-7937

Scholarship Awards/Graduate Recognition

Provides scholarships to high school graduates who are members of our church, who have participated in its activities & are pursuing higher education.  In addition, plans and executes an annual recognition program for all St John graduates, high school and beyond.

Contact Persons:
Sis. Alma Stephens

Bro. Martin Johnson

Vacation Bible School

Provides a one week spiritual enrichment program for youth and adults through Bible Study, arts, crafts and games.

Contact Persons:
Sis. Tanji Johnson

Sunday Church School

Classes for all ages. See listing on back. Superintendent: Coordinates the Sunday Church School department programming.

Contact Person:
Sis. Glenda Morton
(410) 812-9390

Sunday School Classes

Preschool to age 5
Nursery Room108

Sis. Melissa Grant
Sis. Bonnie Pope
(Grades 1, 2)
Educational Classroom 150 Sis. Virgil Mason                    Sis. Debbie Boyd
(Grades 3,4,5)
Fellowship Hall/Classroom (145B) Sis. Phyllis Sharps
Annette Olney
Middle School
(Grades 6,7,8)
Educational Classroom 159 Sis. Regina James
Sis. Harolyn Harrison
High School
(Grades 9,10,11,12)
Educational Classroom 152
Dea. LeeRoy Bronner

Young Adult I Educational Classroom 160 Sis. Yvonne Bronner
Sis. Sandra Picot
Adult Class I Educational Classroom 157 Deacon Jesse Clay
Deacon Lee Harris
Deacon Ernie Robb
Adult Class II Educational Classroom 158 Bro. Bill Ross
Bro. Harvey Moran
Adult Class III Educational Classroom 156 Sis. Mignonette Keller
Bro. Herb Massie
Rev. Regina Mitchell
Sis. Peggy Anthony
Sis. Michelle Brown (5th Sunday)
Couples Class Educational Classroom 145C Rev. Isaac & Ruth Mwasi
John and Kathleen Cheek
Todd and Donna Givens
Dea. Harold Williams
Rev. Tood Givens
Bro. Gus Owens
Sis. Peggy Anthony

Bible Reading Plan

Help to read through the entire Bible. Emailed scripture each day. Click Here



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