Growing in your faith is a continual journey over one’s lifetime, and it’s important to take advantage of every avenue of learning available to you. Attending regular church services is, of course, an important aspect of growing your relationship with God and learning from elders in the church. You should also allow yourself to grow by immersing yourself in independent Bible study, and consider joining a small study group. There are many benefits of joining a small group Bible study, some of which we will cover in this blog. If you are interested in joining one of our small group clusters, or want to learn more about our church, please do not hesitate to contact us at St John Baptist Church in Columbia today for more information.

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Deeper Study of God’s Word

Church sermons can be an amazing source of insight and inspiration, but the environment is not as conducive to asking questions as a small group Bible study. Small groups provide the invaluable benefit of being able to ask others around you any questions you may have about the Scripture. They are the perfect setting to explore your curiosity when it comes to God’s Word. We are stronger together, and joining a great small group cluster can give you the opportunity to share your knowledge and insight with others, and to grow in your knowledge and your faith.

Socializing and Fellowship

Some of the richest friendships of your life can begin, and continue to grow, within church settings. Godly friends can enrich your life and provide encouragement throughout the ups and downs of life. In addition to being a valuable source of study, small groups can be a great to time connect with others, catch up with friends, and make lasting relationships through studying God’s word.

If you are new to our church, joining a small group can be an ideal way to meet others and immerse yourself in our fellowship. If you know someone who is new to church, or is apprehensive about attending for any reason, you may consider a small group study as a way to introduce someone to God’s word in a casual and friendly setting.

Continual Living in God’s Word

Living a Godly life shouldn’t stop and start on Sundays. Joining a small group gives you greater flexibility in setting time aside to study the Word, and allows your Bible study to continue throughout the entire week. In combination with independent immersion in God’s word, a small group Bible study is the perfect way to have God’s Word in your life constantly. It can also be a great way to prioritize your life. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily struggles of life, and the stress surrounding your job, relationships, health, and so on. Small group studies can be an excellent way to step back from the bustle and re-focus on what’s important.


Small group Bible studies can be a source of encouragement from both God’s word and those around you. Study of the Word and encouragement from others can be excellent motivation for staying accountable in your faith, and working through any problems in your life. Small groups foster great communication, and can be deeply encouraging in this way.

Join Us at St John Baptist Church

Wherever you are in your faith, we would love to have you at St John Baptist church in Columbia. We are an African-American church, and we embrace and celebrate our heritage, but anyone is welcome with us. We believe in God’s word, and the Bible is our statement of faith. If you would like more information about joining us for a church service, small group cluster, or any other type of fellowship, please contact us with any questions. We hope to worship with you soon!

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