At St. John Baptist Church in Columbia, we believe that it is vital to participate in mentoring so that we can provide support to the children of African-American descent in our community. Many of them do not get the support they need at home, which is why we feel compelled to reach out to them and show the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits that come from participating in a youth-mentoring program. If you’re not already part of a church here in Columbia, then we invite you to join us at one of our three services each Sunday morning to discover something new together. If you’re interested in joining us in mentoring young men and women, then please contact St. John Baptist Church today to learn more.

Foster a Love of Learning

For most children, a love of learning is something they discover early in life as a result of the encouragement they receive from their parents. For those who didn’t have the supportive environment they needed, academic success can be a struggle. By participating in a mentoring program, you can impact the life of a child by helping them improve their academic performance and expand their opportunities in life.

Increase Social and Cultural Awareness

As a mentor, you might have the opportunity to take your mentee to a variety of events and activities, which can expose them to people who have different perspectives and worldviews. By fostering diverse friendships and experiences, you can help them learn how to respect and appreciate some of the rich cultural differences in our country.

Provide Recreational Activities

Depending on the home life of the child or teen with whom you are paired, they may not have the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities. Find out what interests them, and then make a point to schedule these activities into your time together. A child with an unstable home life can lose the ability to relax and have fun, which means that by prioritizing something fun, you are providing a much-needed outlet for them.

Prevent School Drop-Outs

There are a number of different reasons why kids drop out of school, including

  • Being held back due to grades
  • Abusing drugs
  • Getting pregnant
  • Belonging to a gang
  • Needing to make money to support their family

While your job isn’t to fix these problems, our hope is that by providing mentors for these kids at a young age, we can help them avoid these situations. The more time that you can spend with them encouraging them to make good choices, the better chance they have of not becoming another high school dropout. Graduating from high school will give them a much better chance of pursuing the career or job they want.

Provide Mentees With a Positive Adult Role Model

Sadly, many young people do not have positive role adult models in their lives. You might be amazed to realize that when they are with you, they are observing everything about you, including how you talk, act, and behave. The more they watch you, the more they can see what a responsible adult looks like. As your relationship grows and their respect and admiration for you increase, you just might be the example they decide to follow in their own life.

If becoming a mentor sounds like something that you want to do, please contact us at St. John Baptist Church in Columbia to learn more about our mentoring program. We look forward to meeting you and discovering something new together.