What Is A Tithe?

A tithe is defined as the first 10% of a person’s income that is to be given back to the local church. Tithing is a principle that is taught throughout the entire Bible. When we tithe, we are expressing worship by putting God first in our lives. This tithing challenge is a challenge for you to put God first!

What Is The Tithing Challenge?

If you want God to be involved in your finances, you must honor God with your tithe. God says He is aware that 10/10 cannot sustain you but when you give 1/10, you create the platform and space for more blessings to flood your life. As a church, we are challenging members and friends of St John Baptist Church to prove God and experience the promises of God in response to your tithing.

If you’re not tithing now, we challenge you to tithe, giving 10% of your income to the work of God through St John Baptist Church for at least the next three months. We can’t wait to hear about the blessing God brings to your life as you’re faithful to him. Let us know you’ve accepted the challenge!


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