President Donald Trump’s recent disparaging attacks on the City of Baltimore – while being consistent with all of his attacks on majority-black cities and countries – are not the first bombardments that the city has undergone.  In fact, the president would do well to read the history of the nation that he currently leads…God, help us!  By doing so, he would learn of Baltimore’s resilience.  He would learn that in the Summer of 1814, Baltimore was attacked by the British as they attempted to crush America’s efforts of being the ruler of the seas.  History would inform our ill-informed president that a Maryland attorney, Francis Scott Key penned “The Star-Spangled Banner” in response to Baltimore being the venue city that launched a monumental defense, which protected our budding country.  Baltimore is battle-tested.  Therefore, Baltimore will continue to stand, even against the wiles of our president.

History tells us that Baltimore’s greatest victory was recorded as she was attacked by foreign invaders seeking to destroy America from the inside out; however, there is a unique twist. This is the first time in American history that Baltimore has faced an attack by a sitting U.S. president who was sworn to serve, protect, and defend her.  This is the first time in American history that a sitting U.S. president mocked its struggle and plight, dismissed its value as one of America’s greatest cities, and turned his back on the American citizens who call Baltimore their home.  It’s the first time in American history that a sitting U.S. president would attempt to eat away at the great pillars, such as Chairman Elijah Cummings and other great Democratic leaders who offered their very best to uplift both the people and legacy of Baltimore.  As I sum up Baltimore’s greatness, coupled with all of this rhetorical racism coming from President Trump regarding this American city, I must say that I too smell a RAT; however, this hatemongering, backstabbing, anti-American, white nationalist rat that I’m smelling does not reside in Baltimore.  The rat that I smell is scurrying around the walls of a large White House in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a bit of history about the bigoted-based makeup of Donald J. Trump.  For those who believe that white racism was landlocked in the American South, they would do well to study the history of Queens, NY, where President Trump was born and raised, shaped and soaked in bigotry.  The quintessential 1970’s television character Archie Bunker is a mild depiction of this type of Trump-born, Queens northern white racist.  On December 31, 1974 – just one year before America would celebrate its bicentennial as the land of liberty – a firebomb was thrown at the home of the Spencer family, a black Caribbean family who relocated from London to the working-class community of Rosedale, Queens. Vandals also smashed six windows of the home.  The celebrated American journalist Bill Moyers, in a documentary centered on the racist ruthlessness of Rosedale, Queens, captures the scene of the home’s destruction as neighbors taunt Ormistan Spencer and his wife Glenda with racial epithets. Chants of, “Go back to where you come from” and “Niggers, get out of our community” can be heard.  For their own safety, the couple had to send their three boys – who were threatened and assaulted both at home and in school — to live with family in their native Trinidad.  Moyers’ piece mirrored the documented footage of racist-based attacks of blacks in the American deep South.

To far too many, but not all of Trump’s base, he is not an enigma.  To far too many, but not all of Trump’s base, African and Caribbean nations are S-holes countries.  To far too many, but not all of Trump’s base, majority-black cities and communities are infested, or “rat-infested” to quote our nation’s president correctly. To far too many, but not all of Trump’s base, the greatness, the faith, the patriotism, the service, the brilliance, and the leadership of United States Representative Elijah Cummings will never be understood neither extinguished.

Instead of making strides to move our nation forward from the demons of America’s original sin, President Trump has invited our nation to enter inside the theater of his bigoted heart where a feature film plays there day and night.  The film that’s on constant rotation in this cold, dark theater is an all too familiar drama entitled A Raisin In The Sun.

Sadly, with its historical import and grand opulence, America’s executive residence has its own infestation of Trump Rattus Norvegicus (oh, that’s just another name for a RAT) and come 2020, we must reunite our fractured and deeply gnawed nation around the critical housekeeping effort of exterminating the White House.

By Dr. Robert A. F. Turner