With most situations in life, you probably feel more comfortable when you know how to dress for the occasion. Showing up to a costume party in your best impression of a clown can be very embarrassing when the door opens and you realize that the party’s theme is actually a masquerade. Wearing your best outfit to a work party where everyone else is comfortable casual can also cause you to feel embarrassed and out of place.

Unfortunately, whether you overdress or underdress, either option will leave you feeling as though you stand out in the crowd in a negative way. Since most people don’t enjoy standing out for those reasons, St. John Baptist Church in Columbia wants to make sure that you know what style to wear when you come join us for worship so that you can feel as comfortable as possible. In today’s post, we’ll discuss several different clothing options so that we can help you decide what to wear to church.

Conservative Dress for Our Traditional Service

If you plan on attending our 8:00 a.m. service, then you should know that this is our traditional service, which means that you should plan to wear dressy attire. Conservative means that you want to try to avoid items that are too edgy or too casual. In fact, if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Sunday best,” then you probably already have a good understanding of the type of clothes that you should wear. For men, a suit and tie would be a great choice. Dressy attire for women such as dresses or a nice pair of pants with an elegant blouse would be best if you plan to attend the traditional service.

In our traditional service, we take the approach that because we are entering the House of the Lord, we want to dress our best for Him. We don’t want you to feel as though church is a competition for who is the best dressed. It should be more of an outward reflection of an inner attitude. If you were ever able to have the opportunity to meet the Queen of England, you would probably wear the nicest clothes that you could afford. Since we believe that God is the King of the Universe, we feel that what we wear to church should display that same level of respect.

Casual Attire for Our Blended and Contemporary Services

Before we talk about what casual attire includes, we want to make sure that you understand our terms for the 10:15 and noon services. Our blended service refers to the fact that we incorporate different musical traditions into the same service. You are likely to hear a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs throughout the service. This service is designed to appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes in our congregation. Our noon service is a contemporary service, which means that we use praise songs and modern technology such as videos and Bible apps.

Due to the nature of these two services, the type of dress is much more casual than our traditional service. Whether you prefer to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a suit and tie, or a tuxedo, you will be welcome as you are.

At St. John Baptist Church in Columbia, we don’t want the style of dress to be the reason that you don’t come worship with us. We want you to be excited to join us on Sundays knowing exactly what type of clothes to wear so that you won’t feel like you don’t fit in. Please call if you have any other questions!